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Cookies are used by almost all websites and web applications, for a variety of purposes:

  • To measure and improve site quality through analysis or visitor behaviour (known as ‘analytics’)
  • To maintain session state to parts of the website or web application following authentication
  • To personalise pages and remember visitor preferences
  • To manage shopping carts in online stores
  • To track people across websites and deliver targeted advertising

Any cookies that are ‘strictly necessary’ for providing services being requested by the visitor, do not require consent including some things like cookies that enable shopping baskets to function properly or for people to login to private areas of a site. Many types of temporary or session cookies are also included in this definition and these are the only types used in St. Michaels School.

Session Control ASP.Net_SessionID Used to establish connections between the client and server. No private data is held and the cookie is removed as soon as the browser is closed.
Accessibility Options Style Remembers settings such as the standard view and high visibility links at the bottom of a webpage. Cookie is removed after 24 hours.
Share Count _atuvc Connected with the 'Add This function' associated with, for example, the Bookmark and Share icon. Cookie is removed after 48 hours.
Arrowpoint cookie Arrowpoint These are used solely for the purpose of balancing load between the servers on which our website resides. Without them the users may experience unexpected behaviour. No private data is held and the cookie is removed as soon as the browser is closed.
Third party cookies Numerous May be used if the user decides to share the website using the Bookmark and Share icon. Cookies will be received from the third party (e.g. Twitter) when sharing the website.