Opening up a world of books

Opening up a world of books

The pages of many well-known children's books came to life this morning as children came to school dressed as one of their favourite book characters. Among the large cast of characters Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Wally and fairy tale princesses were firm favourites with the children. Thank you to everyone for your efforts in putting together a wonderful array of costumes.

Today marks the official start of this year's Book Week to coincide with World Book Day (Thursday, 2nd March). Through the many activities in the coming week we are encouraging all children to really enjoy reading for pleasure and to discover some new books, or perhaps rediscover some long-forgotten ones.

Form 3 children started their Book Week yesterday by visiting the Orchard Theatre, Dartford for a stage performance of Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox, a book they have been reading in school. The performance was well received by the children who gave the performance some great reviews ... "Fantastic Mr Fox was epic!"; "It was very funny"; "I would give it 5/5". Meanwhile Form 6 children enjoyed a day at Watt Tyler Park to experience a World War II Evacuee Day; this visit links with the novel Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Margorian which is read in Form 6 English lessons. The children learnt something of what it would have been like to be evacuated, as many children from this area were during World War II. Did you know that the school closed for several years during World War II as local children were evacuated to other parts of the country?

Today, children in Forms 4 and 5 have been working with a West End in schools instructor in a drama and dance workshop to explore another of Roald Dahl's books, the BFG. The children quickly entered into the workshops demonstrating their confidence in performing, acting and dancing.

Next week, children in Nursery- Form 1 will be treated to a performance of the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by travelling Theatre Company, Booster Cushion Theatre whilst children in Form 2 will be travelling to the Museum of Kent Life to find out what life and school was like in Victorian times. Reception children are also visiting Leigh Library next week. Coupled with the visiting Book Fair, our Big Read on Monday, story readings throughout the week and an exciting opportunity to win a £10 book token through taking part in a sponsored Book Week competition (to support the work of Unicef), the next few days promise to be a great time of reading and enjoying books. Look out for photographs on the school's facebook page of all that is happening during this exciting week.

Well done to the Senior Choir for a wonderful performance of songs and hymns at Sunday evening's Praise Night at the Salvation Army Citadel, Hadleigh. Well done, also to our three hockey teams who competed against St Pierre College this week playing at St. Thomas More School. (Results: won 7-0, won 4-0, narrowly lost 0-1 ). Well done to everyone for very sportsmanlike behaviour and some great hockey.

Have a great Book Week ... happy reading!!